08 April 2012

99/366 vegetable dyes 2

As promised, here are the eggs we colored with the home-made vegetable dyes. They all soaked in the dyes for 14-18 hours. We were all extremely impressed with the vivid blue results from the red cabbage. I thought the beet eggs would be darker pink, but I'm thrilled the kale provided any color at all.

As I was blotting them dry this morning, I noticed that some of the “dye” was peeling off. Maybe the egg shells just get coated and not really dyed?

The beet-colored eggs took on a mottled appearance, and the mottling seemed to increase with time. That's definitely something I would want to know if I were dying these eggs for a formal brunch or other occasion and I wanted them to look perfect.

But we were certainly not going for perfect here. :) We had great fun experimenting and the kids loved making colorful egg salad for lunch today.

Have you tried vegetable dyes? What did you dye? Did you have any inconsistencies?


Cathy said...

I love the blue and orange! You're such a good mommy to do that with your kids. We did nothing. I can get away with it since they're too little to remember what we did last year. I will repent and do better next time. Boiled eggs are just smelly and nobody eats them.

Christine Hoffman said...

Wow-the blue from the red cabbage is gorgeous! With natural dyes, you really never know what the color might be until you try it. I tried beets too last year, and thought they would give a nice rich color. Sounds like you had fun experimenting!

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