06 May 2012

127/366 late

My friend and I went out tonight to try to take better pictures of the moon. Turns out yesterday was a super moon and the moon did not want to make a repeat performance tonight. It came up an hour later than I was expecting, and we were too tired to wait around for it. (That's what I get for not following the news, I suppose.)

I didn't leave empty handed, though. We were able to grab some fun sunset/night shots. 

I've been going and going and going like the Energizer Bunny these past two weeks, and my batteries are just about out of juice. Editing was interesting tonight—I was nodding off between adjustments. I'd wake up and see a different image than I last remembered.  I'm doing the same thing with this post, so hopefully it makes sense. :)

Goodnight all!

 Mt. Hood

 Boat passing under the Hood River bridge; 30 second shutter

 Hood River Marina and I-84

Columbia Gorge Hotel and its beautiful waterfall