07 May 2012

128/366 eight

Is eight too old to call her “my little girl”?
Regardless, my little girl did her birthday painting today.
She painted a peacock—her latest obsession—using some gifts from Aunt Megan for inspiration.

I told her we'd repaint her room this spring to go with her new obsession, changing the wall color from Princess Pink to something that works with the teals, blues, greens and purples of her peacock decor. Well, spring is here, so I really need to head to the paint store. She would like teal, but I told her that was too dark. Lighter aqua? Purpley gray? Caramel-ly beige? Any suggestions?


nana/ma said...

Quite a good painting for an 8yr old sweetie. She has her Mommy's artistic gene. How about one wall the color she really wants and the other 3 a lighter version? Plus, I understand that there is a glitter to mix with paint! It creates a shimmer effect. I'm going to try to see a sample soon!

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