20 May 2012

141/366 green

This was not supposed to be my image for today.

My picture for today was supposed to be dusty, dirty, and rugged. We headed west today to Camas for Dozer Day. We've gone the last three years in a row. We went the first year because then three year old Little Mister was fascinated with construction vehicles. But he and Sweetpea were equally excited to go the past two years. When else can kids operate huge machines? Catch candy from a conveyer truck? Ride in an articulated hauler?

But when we arrived, the forecasted 30% chance of showers had turned into full blown rain. My camera stayed nice and dry in the car. I was bummed, because I got some really fun pictures last year. We had fun anyway, snapped a few cell phone photos, and called it good.

These gorgeous flowers will just have to stand in for the giant truck pictures this year. Oh well.