28 May 2012

149/366 postcards

You know those conversations when you start out comparing grocery store prices and end up talking about high school teachers? And the path from groceries to teachers is long and winding, but it makes complete sense to those involved in the conversation? This post is kind of like that.

I was trying to think of an appropriate photograph for Memorial Day that wasn't the same flag picture I posted last year. Almost immediately, my postcards came to mind. (I know. Stay with me.) You see, I have a little collection of postcards, and many of them were sent to me by family members traveling on military orders. 

I love these postcards. I love the postmarks of far away places, the short descriptions of landmarks visited, the beautiful photographs, the quick connection to a busy traveler.
I only wish I'd started collecting earlier, so I'd have postcards from family members who no longer travel on military orders, but certainly did their share of such traveling. That would be quite an interesting collection.
Thank you to those of you who have taken time to send postcards my way. Thank you for serving our country, in the footsteps of so many that have served before. Your dedication and sacrifice will forever be remembered.


Anonymous said...

love seeing that OKC one in the middle. ;)

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