14 June 2012

166/366 lucky penny

“Find a penny, pick it up.
All day long you'll have good luck.”

Sweetpea found a penny this morning, as we were sharing a muffin at the garden shop's café. She didn't have a pocket, and asked me to hold it for her. I put it in my pocket and later returned it to her—before we left the table—and she carried it to the car. I told her, “I hope it's still lucky for you. I hope your luck didn't transfer to me while I held the penny.”

But it did. Today was a very lucky day. We went to the tiny used bookstore in town to look for some of Sweetpea's summer book club titles and found four of the five books. They were used, though two feel brand new, so we were able to buy all of them for less than ten dollars. How's that for luck?
And then when we arrived home, we found these packages. I won't tell you what was in them, but let's just say there's a certain personal item that I can't find in stores anymore, but have come to rely on, so I must order it online in mass quantities a few times a year. And it just so happens that I needed this certain item when leaving the café, and was crossing my fingers the packages would be waiting for us when we got home.
My timing is never that good. A very lucky day, indeed.