16 June 2012

168/366 take a walk

I went to bed at midnight and woke with a start at 5:14am. I either slept through or turned off my 3am alarm reminder to take Little Mister to the bathroom. “Get up now or go back to sleep and face washing his sheets? Get up now.” I took him, put him back in bed, and realized that I was awake. How could I be so awake after only five hours of sleep? I seized the opportunity and took a summer morning walk by myself. It was glorious. I came home and made fresh blueberry muffins and scrambled eggs for everyone. I had quite a productive morning, but I am paying for it now. So tired. Goodnight!


Cathy said...

Beautiful pictures. You're a good mom. I just suffer the washing of sheets. I can't wake up my kids. Not after suffering all those years of them not sleeping through the night.

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