22 June 2012

174/366 lavender

I often like the shiny glass vase and its reflection better than the actual flowers.

And some from last night:
We had some pretty awesome clouds last night as the cold front moved in.
We had lightning at 2am, but I had been up with a sick girl, 
and figured getting back to sleep was more important than pulling out the tripod. 

Last night during dinner, I saw a funny looking scrub jay on the back fence.
It was ruffling its wings in a way I'd never seen before, and something just seemed. . . different.
I realized it had a gray head instead of a blue one.
And then I saw the downy feathers.
I'd never seen baby scrub jays before.
Of course, they're really big kids—big enough to get food gathering lessons, 
yet still doing lots of hopping and not so much flying.
What a fun thing to see in our own backyard!