30 June 2012

182/366 wheatless

We picked up this loaf of bread at a farmer's market in Seattle. It's vegan (so no eggs or milk) and contains no soy, rice, or gluten. (What's left, right?) It was really interesting talking to the owner/baker about her ingredients. I frequently bake for people with dietary restrictions and I love learning about all the alternative ingredients.

This bread was amazing. It looked, felt, and tasted like “regular” wheat bread. It had perfect density and crumb, it was soft and moist, and it tasted good. I definitely recommend this bakery to anyone in the Seattle area. If you're not in the Seattle area, some items can be shipped. (This is starting to sound like a commercial. I promise I wasn't asked to give a review and I paid full price for the bread. I just like sharing great products with you guys!)