12 August 2012

225/366 lazy, hazy day

These pictures are not exactly representative of our day. Sweetpea had a sleepover last night, and the girls were up very late. We were all pretty tired this morning. After the girls went home, the kids and I spent the day doing laundry and watching movies. (By the way, Lemonade Mouth is an excellent movie for school age kids! The scene, at the talent show, when the audience. . . well, I can't give it away. But I kept wiping my happy tears away so my kids wouldn't ask why I was crying.)

Plus, it was over 100° today, so I had zero interest in stepping outside until 8pm, when I took these pictures. I actually did try taking a picture of our Netflix-a-thon, but it just wasn't working for me. Sunset in my front yard was the ticket.