16 August 2012

229/366 plucky maidens

I found out yesterday about today's Plucky Maiden's Junk Fest at McMenamins Edgefield in Troutdale, Oregon. It's very uncharacteristic for me, but I love antiques! And I love browsing through quirky old things that people love and collect for various reasons. I don't love old things, but I do love timeless design and classic lines. And patina! I love patina.

But Troutdale is an hour drive for me. And I have children. And it was supposed to be near 100°. So I tried to talk myself out of going. But you know when you get so overwhelmed doing one thing you know you must stop doing it and do something else to maintain sanity? Even if that something is parenting and it's going to cost you $30 in gas to get some relief? You do it. You do it so you can get through two more days and be nice to your children. 

So I asked my wonderful sister-in-law to take the kids and she did, because she's wonderful. I went to the Junk Fest and Target and Marshall's all by myself and I picked up dinner for all of us so no one had to cook. Other than the heat, it was a pretty perfect day.

My finds. No furniture—I always dream of finding the perfect piece of antique furniture—but I'm thrilled with my purchases. A simple white pitcher that will be perfect for peonies next spring. The red matchbox holder I've been looking for the past few years. And a spunky blue enamel FRUIT bowl, which will probably not be used for fruit, but for something incongruous, like notepads.

On our way home, I took another spontaneous turn on Exit 28. In these days of endangered post offices, I've been wanting to get a picture of the tiny post office in Bridal Veil, Oregon before it disappears. This 100sq ft post office is kept alive by brides all over the world sending in their wedding invitations for that special “Bridal Veil” postmark. It's the quirky thing (as opposed to the non-quirky Bridal Veil Falls) that makes the 97010 famous.
Have you done anything spontaneous lately?