06 September 2012

250/366 tear thingies

I was helping my little dude put together a new LEGO set and he said, “Look, Mom. The dump truck driver has little tear thingies on his face.”

You know you've been watching too much Breaking Bad when you calmly ask your five year old for his LEGO man (while slightly panicking inside) so you can see if he indeed has tear drop tattoos on his face, like you imagine.

“Sweat!” (Phew.) “He has sweat on his face because he's working so hard.”
I get a little jumpy with his Big Boy Toys ever since he bought a Playmobil police officer with a Glock-like accessory. :-/

*Fire update: We're fine and our house is out of danger. The fire is still raging, but seems to be staying in the wooded, less populated areas. Backup forces have arrived to help our firefighters. We're doing our rain dances and are very thankful for all the help we're receiving.