21 September 2012

265/366 uninspired

I have not been pushing myself lately. I take a picture every day, but I'm not really trying to use concepts I've learned as much as I have previously. Take today's picture—I was trying to think of something new, after actively avoiding my camera all day. I got the planned image, loaded it on my computer and discovered that my lazy posing and the harsh monitor light brought out more skin folds than I'd like. I thought about trying again to improve it, but opted to take it as is. Lazy.

I have a new kindergartner, struggling with the rigors of school every day. I've been working on PTO and other school tasks daily for the past four weeks. We've had soccer, ballet, running club, meetings, interviews, barbecues, birthday parties. 

I need to remember that photography is fun, not another task. It's stress relief, not an added stress. I must not waste the final 111 days.  

Aw, crap. There are still one hundred and eleven days.