26 September 2012

270/366 roasted pecan butter

I'm trying to reignite my love of food photography. That is what got me started on this photography journey, after all. See my effort here? I scooped out the pear core all pretty like. I matched the coffee mug to the pear skin. But it would have been better if I'd added a napkin, subtracted a pear bruise, and waited 20 more minutes for the sun to come all the way up. Alas, there were lunches to be made and kids to take to school. Plus, you know, I was hungry. This was my breakfast sitting out in the cool fall morning air.

Anyway, what was my point? Oh, right. Pecan butter.

I've been experimenting with homemade nut butters after reading this post on Heather Eats Almond Butter. I've tried raw almond butter (takes for.ev.er and I'm afraid I'll break my food processor), raw peanut butter, raw cashew butter, and now roasted pecan butter. They've all been good, but the pecan butter is really flavorful.

Have you ever made raw almond butter? You put the almonds in the food processor, turn it on, scrape it down. Turn it back on, scrape it down. Repeat for 15-20 minutes. (It's supposed to go faster if you roast the almonds first. I was trying to be all raw and healthy and trendy, but I'm going to try roasting them next time, if for nothing else than to preserve my food processor.)

But these pecans? Holy nut oil, they processed fast. I turned on the food processor, walked away for maybe a minute, came back and it looked like this. Almost gloppy, but nicely spreadable. 

And sooooo tasty. Especially with a little cinnamon.

I used a scoop of the pecan butter yesterday in this coconut banana milkshake from Summer Harms's blog. Delicious! I also used light coconut milk (the kind in a can that you use for curries, not the dairy alternative type), so mine wasn't as thick as Summer's. The kids loved it—it was a great way to recharge between school and soccer practice. I added a couple shots of espresso in mine to make it a good Mommy recharge, too. 

I need to buy more coconut milk.