08 October 2012

282/366 shrinky dinks

 Three kids with permanent markers on my dining table?
A wee bit stressful.
But they did great. And they had fun. That's what counts.

 I traced it; he colored.
I know you were wondering.

 Nope. Not obsessed. Not even a little bit.

I meant to take after pics, but I got sucked in to making snacks for the artists.
We love Shrinky Dinks! So fun.


Sophie said...

oh du plastique fou ! Les enfants aiment beaucoup effectivement, nous avions eu un porte clé pour la fête des pères à l'école avec ce matériau ;)

Grandpa Bill said...

Some kinds of deli containers act like Shrinky Dinks. And there's the added advantage of totally empty calories!

Cathy said...

My first thought, wow! your oven is clean! Also, I love permanent markers. And the reflection of your daughter in the plastic thingee on the table, awesome.

Jillaire said...

re: permanent markers on your table--Don't you have a craft table cloth? I just get a cheap vinyl one and then if the kids get glitter, glue, paint, or pen on it I don't worry.

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