11 October 2012

285/366 driveway

I challenged myself to take a picture today somewhere in my house where I've never taken a picture before. I quickly discovered that I've taken pictures everywhere

Yesterday afternoon I washed the car and noticed how nice the long shadows played across the driveway. We were all wet and soapy, though, so I didn't bring out the camera.

This afternoon, I grabbed my girl and headed out to the driveway. I asked her to figure out how to make a cool shadow while I figured out my camera settings. (ISO 100, f/2.8, 1/1250, in case you were wondering.) She decided Batty, our stuffed bat Halloween decoration, needed to be in the picture. He only comes out for the month of October, so I can see why she wanted to include him.

This photo project is dragging. Give me some photo ideas in the comments, would ya?