01 December 2012

336/366 december 1st

7:10am Wake up
8:27am Arrive at middle school for pancake breakfast
8:58am Stand in line to visit Santa. Shortest line ever!
9:47am Stop by the house to retrieve a replacement for Little Dude's broken candy cane
10:00am On the road to Portland

11:05am Get into Departures lane

11:06am Here

11:07am Goodbye kisses

11:09am See you soon, Daddy

11:47am Lunch with Nana and Grandpa

2:53pm Crazy busy parking lots already??

4:18pm Make beaded ornaments at the library

5:00pm Tree lighting

5:18pm Yummy chili and cornbread for dinner at Feast

5:40pm Head home for card games, holiday Kung Fu Panda and He-Man & She-Ra, and envelope addressing.