01 December 2012

336/366 december 1st

7:10am Wake up
8:27am Arrive at middle school for pancake breakfast
8:58am Stand in line to visit Santa. Shortest line ever!
9:47am Stop by the house to retrieve a replacement for Little Dude's broken candy cane
10:00am On the road to Portland

11:05am Get into Departures lane

11:06am Here

11:07am Goodbye kisses

11:09am See you soon, Daddy

11:47am Lunch with Nana and Grandpa

2:53pm Crazy busy parking lots already??

4:18pm Make beaded ornaments at the library

5:00pm Tree lighting

5:18pm Yummy chili and cornbread for dinner at Feast

5:40pm Head home for card games, holiday Kung Fu Panda and He-Man & She-Ra, and envelope addressing.


Barb said...

So what you are saying is you didn't do much at all today ;-) love how you documented your very busy day!

Cathy said...

Chili and cornbread is my favorite part of your day. Do you load up your cornbread with butter and honey? Yum.

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