03 December 2012

338/366 mini photographer

We put up a tree today. I'm a little worried it won't last until the 25th, but I had an opportunity and chose to seize it. I gave it a fresh cut and will be checking the water level obsessively. 

After we put the ornaments on, I turned off the room lights to take some pictures. (Which, by the way, is hard. White balance and exposure with white lcds is hard. Goal for the month.) Sweetpea grabbed her new-to-her camera immediately. She took pictures of the tree, pictures of the tree's reflection, macro pictures of ornaments, pictures looking up while laying on the ground. . . my heart swelled with pride for my mini photographer. I think this summer I'll teach her manual settings.

Edited at 11:08pm to add another edit. The one on top is an accurate portrayal of the lighting at the time, but I like the detail that comes out with the lighter one. Hmm. Which do you like better?