15 December 2012

350/366 wrapped

Wrapping was the task of the day. The kids started out helping me, but you know how that goes. After five minutes, Sweetpea asked me to teach her to make a pom pom. I did, and then she went on to help her brother make one. (When that happens, my years of watching ER come back to me—“See one, do one, teach one.”) They started tossing their pom poms and I quickly lost my wrapping helpers.

Then it started snowing. Tiny flakes, nothing sticking, but it kept on snowing. We went for a walk just to be in it, because that first snow is so exciting. Later in the afternoon, it started really coming down, and we ended up with three or four inches. What a fun surprise! I was humbled by the simple joy of watching my children play in the snow. I'm so thankful for each and every day with these beautiful creatures.