21 December 2012

356/366 the shortest day of the year

And with 19 photos, quite possibly the longest post of the year. You've been warned.
 I got a new lens yesterday, the Nikon 35mm 1.8. To give it a thorough test, I decided to take pictures with it all day today. Overall, I'm happy with it. Even on this relentlessly cloudy day, it allowed me to bring in all the light I needed. Would I rather have the 35mm 1.4? Absolutely. Do I want to pay eight times more money for the 1.4? Not right now.

 We've driven trucks in cornmeal before. We've had truck snack time with nuts, raisins, and chocolate covered raisins before. The little guy asked if he could drive his trucks in salt this morning, to pretend they were clearing snow. What a genius.
It kept him occupied for two hours. It was a little messy, but clean up was easy.

 At lunch, we played the game where you have a name on your forehead and you have to ask questions to figure out who it is. (Does this game have a name?) It was a first for the kids, and they loved it. We played it again at dinner with Daddy.

 How gorgeous is this little bath gel pot? I want one.

 Sweetpea and I had plans for a little moss garden (thanks to the current issue of Better Homes & Gardens), but we needed a new little dish. So off to the thrift store and antique store we went.
Lucky for us, they're on the same block, just down the hill from our house.

The kids got a little history at the antique store. They explored a typewriter, a rotary phone, an even earlier type of telephone, stovetop irons, and ornate furniture. We talked about how some things have changed a lot over time,
and some haven't changed much at all.

 Cute, eh? Little $3 glass candy dish turned fairy moss garden.