03 January 2013

cleaning up

I told myself I'd take a break from the camera for a week, to break myself of the daily habit.

I lasted three days. 

Yeah, not surprised.

*     *     *     * 

I took down all the holiday decorations on Tuesday.
I have a pile of our regular, non-holiday decorations that are supposed to go back up.
But I kind of like the breathing room that the blank spots create.

I'm thinking of taking even more things down.

*     *     *     *

We cleared off the coffee table to work on this 500-piece peacock puzzle.
Sweetpea and I got the border and the body of the peacock done,
but the feathers are hard, man.

If we work on it long enough, do you think my kids and husband 
will get out of the habit of piling things on the coffee table?

I'm cleaning up my food choices this week.

After two weeks of splurging on food and slacking on exercise,
and feeling irritable because of it,
I'm doing a bit of a detox.

Fruit, veggie, and protein smoothies for breakfast.
(Easy as can be since I bought Hubs a new blending toy for Christmas. He has to test it out, you know.)

Lunches like this quinoa, sweet potato and grilled onion bowl.
And a sensible dinner. (Ha!)

I can't really call it a detox, though.
I'm still eating chocolate.

I'm not completely crazy.

And it's too icy here to do my normal outdoor five miles safely,
so I invited my long-neglected friend Jillian over this morning.

She kicked my ass, as a good friend should.

I'm going to be sore tomorrow.