10 January 2013

prep bowls, repurposed

I received a set of lidded prep bowls as a Christmas gift. As soon as I took them out of the box, I knew they'd be the perfect size for taking snacks in the car. Then I tried them out in the kids' lunch boxes and guess what? They fit perfectly. I was so excited!
Sometimes it seems strange that I get so excited about lunch containers. But it's just storage, right? I get excited over home storage, and that's not strange.

So far I've used the containers to hold pretzel sticks, pickle slices, dry cereal, cheese chunks, and gummy Lifesavers. The kids have come to expect sandwich quarters and fruit in their half pint jars (see detail on the half pint jars here), but they never know what they'll get in the stainless steel prep bowls. It's a fun little surprise.

The kids are growing, and are needing more food for lunches. I'm looking into bigger containers, as long as they'll still fit in the lunch boxes or some sort of insulated bags that can hold the food containers and an ice pack. Right now I've got my eye on LunchBots. Have you used LunchBots? Do you like them?