08 February 2013



 Packing lunches

 Before school warm-up

Speedy delivery

Neighborhood walk 

 Nearly every time I use my polarizer, I have trouble removing my step up ring. I had to set this down and come back to it four different times before it finally let go. Or I finally turned it the correct way. 

You're welcome, husband.

Print ordering and Paranormal Activity 3. I've discovered that scary movies are much less scary when watched in full daylight.

Lunch of leftover sweet potato soup and homemade bread

 Walking home from school.

 A fun surprise in the mail. I knew the sender as soon as I saw the washi tape. :)

 She was making fun of me clicking away. Punk.

Our surprise—a healthy treat! Perfect timing for an after school snack.
Thank you so much, Jen! We love it!

 The kids felt a tiny breeze on our walk home and asked to fly kites. I told them it wasn't windy enough, but they insisted. The kites stayed up as long as the kids kept running. Silly kids.

I intended to continue taking pictures after our kite excursion, but our evening was rushed with a quick dinner, roller skating at school, and bedtimes. The camera got left behind. 
I also intended to post these last night, but I fell asleep while editing them. 

Mmm, sleep. I love sleep.

Have a good weekend!