28 March 2013


I'm a low maintenance gardner. I don't feed my plants, except when I spread compost on the beds once each spring. I barely remember to water them, hoping the rain will take care of it. (It doesn't.) Pots on my covered doorstep usually have no chance of survival, since the rain can't reach them. I do ok with houseplants, because they usually tell me they're thirsty by wilting a little.

I decided this year that succulents are the way to go, since they don't like to be watered often. I put some in one of my doorstep pots and they're already taking off. 

My parents gave me a collection of fun succulents for my birthday, and I finally got them planted yesterday. I can't wait to see how the pot fills in. A few leaves broke off during the planting process, so I'm going to try rooting them. I can see myself slipping into Crazy Succulent Lady status very easily.
An update on my ranunculus: The last time I tried planting ranunculus, some creature ate each blossom as it opened. That creature must be gone now, because these plants are doing very well! I've only watered them a few times, too. Maybe the plants are being nice to me because I didn't get the snow I wanted this winter—they're helping me get excited about spring. :)