01 April 2013

april fool's day

This morning I held a foil-covered baking dish and asked my kids if they wanted some “brown Es” with breakfast. They cheered and jumped up and said that, of course, they would love some brown Es with breakfast. I don't know why they were getting so excited. They must have thought I said “brownies”. Silly kids. Don't they know it's April Fool's Day?

Ha! They do, actually. Ever since I pulled the jello juice prank (like this), Sweetpea asks me to do something good for April Fool's Day. Oh, the pressure of topping the jello juice. That was a really good trick.

I came close this year. The brown Es were ok, but the disappointment of not having brownies to eat took it down a few notches. No, my real prank was sneaking into the kids' rooms after they were asleep and painting their toe nails green. (Green was the only quick-drying color we had.) They were awake for almost an hour before they noticed. It was awesome.

I also changed the language on Hub's phone to German. I'm confident he would have appreciated it more if he hadn't been late for work. I appreciated the hell out of it. It was hilarious! That is, of course, until he came home and made me change it back. Finding the appropriate language menus in German was not as easy as finding them in English.

The apple cinnamon pancakes I made for breakfast (partially to make up for the brownie trick) were no joke, though. They were delicious!

Are you pulling any pranks today? What's your favorite?


Pam said...

LOL the Brown Es and the green nail polish funny.

The german on the cell phone the best.

nana/ma said...

Sometimes you are TOTALLY awesome!!!
(lots of times actually!) So funny!
That's our girl!

Grandpa Bill said...

Brilliant! The brown e's were just a warmup for the green toes, but the German phone gag gets the prize.

You'd think the jar of German mustard Sunday would have given him a warning...

Cathy said...

Danny will live the brown E one. I'm sure my old lady brain will forget it for next year though. You are awesome.

Andrea said...

Brown Es!! Love it! Will have to remember this for next year.

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