18 June 2013

green olive lasagna. . . and oh, hi.

Hi y'all. I'm sure I've lost most of you with my infrequent posting. It has been a busy spring, and the first time ever I've looked forward to summer break since having children. We're on Day 2 of summer break and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I have cut all my quilt pieces and I'm hoping to get sewing soon. . . but we'll see. I also have a Blurb book to finish and children that need more attention now that they're out of school.

I am severely neglecting my camera, though, and I miss it. I'm contemplating committing to a picture every day in July. I think I can do it. I need to do it, for myself.

I made lasagna last week for Hubs. It's his favorite, and I forgot to make it when it was Let's Make One More Lasagna Before It Gets Hot weather. I swear I make lasagna twice a year—once when the weather turns cool and once before it gets too hot. 

For this one, I added chopped green olives to the meat sauce. I also use cottage cheese instead of ricotta, thanks to my mother-in-law. Do you have any non-traditional lasagna additions I should try? You know, in October, when it's cool enough to turn my oven on again.


Pam said...

Hey Marisa, You didnt loose me :)
Happy Summer!

Sophie said...

Ici je fais ainsi pour mes lasagnes version riche :
une couche de sauce béchamel
une couche de lasagnes
une nouvelle fine couche de béchamel
puis la viande avec sa sauce (c'est là que je varie, en pot l'hiver, faite maison avec les tomates du jardin l'été)
du fromage râpé (gruyère ou comté)
je recommence lasagnes, béchamel, viande, fromage
puis lasagnes, béchamel et fromage

Marisa said...

That sounds amazing, Sophie! I might have to try that.

Sophie said...

parfois, je fais aussi sans béchamel

et on peut aussi utiliser de la mozzarella à la place ;)

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