25 June 2013

impromptu art day

We didn't plan to have an arts and crafts day. But we had no structured plans, and Sweetpea's American Girl magazine came with this huge poster to color. She asked if I wanted to color it with her. How could I turn that down? There's something so relaxing about just sitting and coloring. Watching the black and white poster come alive in color was pretty fun, too.

Little Mister, who has never been one to craft without guided instruction and strong encouragement, pulled up a chair and decided to make a Perler bead model of his Lego vehicle. He used to be afraid of anything artistic—wouldn't color for fun and threw a fit when asked to draw something because he didn't know how. Nine months of kindergarten and a book of drawing instruction were the magic ingredients to transform this kid into an artist. The change is quite remarkable.

An impromptu art day with no whining or complaining. Shh. . . don't tell anyone, but I'm starting to like summer vacation.


nana/ma said...

The color on the poster looks professional! Very good likeness of the truck. Not the usual skill for one of such a young age!
I always liked summer vacation because I liked being with you young'ins. Still do like being with you and yours!

Cathy said...

I love his bead creation!

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