29 July 2013

favorite easy camping meal

We love roasting hot dogs when we go camping, and we usually bring traditional buns. But as I was searching for camping meal ideas before our trip, I came across this: Curly Dogs. They couldn't be easier. 

  • Grab a hunk of your favorite roll/bread dough (I used thawed Rhodes rolls for simplicity)
  • Roll it into a snake
  • Secure one end to your favorite hot dog with a toothpick
  • Wrap around in a spiral
  • Secure other end with another toothpick
  • Insert your favorite roasting stick
  • Cook over a campfire

You can also bake them in the oven, if you don't have access to a campfire. 

The kids thought they were really fun and helped every step of the way. They gobbled them up, even though I forgot the ketchup. They're not fans of refrigerated pre-made dough, but they liked the Rhodes. Someday I'll make these at home with homemade dough.

 What's your favorite camping meal?


Jillaire said...

How long did it take for the dough to cook? I'd worry about my kids being too impatient, or them bursting into charred flames before they could eat them. I've seen this before, but always seen it done with something more like Pillsbury Crescent dough (in the can). I bet you could make dough at home, freeze, and then bring camping so it was thawed in time to use. ???

Andrea said...

That looks pretty tasty! Will have to remember that for next time we go camping. :)

Marisa said...

They probably took five minutes to cook. We had to cook three sides, then take it off the stick and flip it around to cook the last side. H did fine with it, but J passed his on to Hubs because the smoke was in his eyes. I would have used crescent dough, but my kids don't like it. How weird is that?

And yes, I think you're right. I could freeze homemade dough and bring it along.

Grandpa Bill said...

Historical note: we used crescent rolls and reefer biscuits when you were very young. Mixing Bisquick by the fire in a ziplock bag and then piping it through a cut-off corner was the trick in Scouts. I'll have to try the Rhodes dough.

Cathy said...

Awesome. I can see my kids peeling off the dough and only eating the dog though. They're weird.

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