09 July 2013

fresh garden salad

We're doing an experiment this month. Our small town farmer's market opened last Tuesday, and I really want to support our local farmers. But the cost of buying local can be prohibitive at times, so our experiment is to buy as much of our produce as possible from the farmer's market and local u-pick farms* this month (and supplement with a few things from our garden, like these tiny sweet beets) and see how much it affects our monthly grocery expenses. I'm interested to see how much our grocery bill changes.

This dinner included beets and snow peas from our garden, mixed with roasted local potatoes, garlic, and carrots, served on top of locally grown lettuce and garnished with locally made cheese

I think smaller portions might be key to making this work financially. It will be interesting to see how that goes over, too. . . 

*I've probably picked 10-15lbs of blueberries in the past two weeks. I love harvest season in the Columbia River Gorge!