05 November 2013


Hmm. . . I meant to post this last week after the Ireland pictures, but then Halloween happened and a last-minute craft project and then cupcakes needed to be decorated for a baby shower. (I'll show you those adorable cupcakes soon!) But today, Little Mister is home sick, so I have some time to catch up here, take down the Halloween decorations, and maybe get some other things crossed off my list. Or maybe Snuggle with the Feverish Buddy will rise to the top of my to-do list. We'll see.

Off to England!
Holyhead (Wales) train station

Beautiful Abbey Green in Bath, location of our favorite Bed & Breakfast on the trip: Three Abbey Green.

Roman Baths Museum

The Circus

The London Eye 

London's Natural History Museum
We had two non-sequential days in London, bookending a trip to Windsor for the castle and Legoland. On our last day in London, we had several hours to kill before our train back to Holyhead. One of our hosts recommended the Natural History Museum for the kids. Can you believe admission to this beautiful museum is free? We had a wonderful time.