19 November 2013

poached eggs

Poached eggs are funny, aren't they? People love them or hate them. Some people are intimidated to attempt them, others think they're easy peasy. Why are there so many ways to cook eggs, anyway? I can think of maybe three ways to cook broccoli. Three ways to cook chicken. But eggs? I count seven just off the top of my head, and I'm probably forgetting some.

Eggs are awesome.

I took my first crack at poaching eggs (pun completely intended) Smitten Kitchen-style. There may be other methods that work fine, even better, but this one worked perfectly for me the first time, so I'm sticking to it. A little vinegar in the simmering water, get your swirl on, crack the egg in, take it out in a few minutes. So much easier than I thought it would be!

And what could be better for breakfast (or lunch or dinner) than two poached eggs on top of leftover sweet potato? Two poached eggs over kale, perhaps. But the sweet potato was pretty awesome.