22 January 2014

roasted cauliflower with a kick

Winter's 5pm sunsets means you get to see photos of my lunch leftovers instead of my beautifully plated dinners. But the purpose of this post was not to showcase my food photography prowess. The purpose of this post is to share with you this delicious roasted cauliflower recipe we tried the other night.

The recipe is called Roasted Cauliflower, Chickpeas, and Olives, and it's from Cooking Light. But the title doesn't do it justice. Yes, it has roasted cauliflower, chickpeas (or garbanzo beans, as I prefer to call them), and olives, but also pepper flakes and garlic all roasted together happily. I added onion to mine before roasting, and then topped each serving with toasted bread crumbs from homemade bread. We ate it as a main dish, as it contained everything we look for in a main dish (protein, veggie, and a little carb), but it would also make a decadent side. 

I left the pepper flakes off the kids' portions, and they had zero complaints. I get such an ego boost when they like a new recipe! We unanimously agreed to add this to the regular rotation. Yum, yum.

So back to the chickpeas. . . or the garbanzos. What do you call them? I wonder if it's a regional thing? (For the record, I've lived in the NW United States for almost my entire life.)


Grandpa Bill said...

Always garbanzos for us, in the NW. Or, as you or one of your siblings coined, "bonzo beans." Incidentally, nearly all of the garbanzos on the domestic market are grown in the Palouse, out past Walla Walla.

Sophie said...

sympathique variation sur le chou-fleur que je ne sais pas toujours comment cuisiner autrement qu'en simple gratin à la béchamel.
En France, je ne connais qu'une appellation "pois chiches" (et le traducteur me dit "pois chiches" pour les deux appellations que tu utilises ;) )

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