26 January 2014

the hike that dreams are made of

Mr. and Mrs. Little took the little Littles on the hike of their lives.

Nothing could put a damper on their day, even when Junior stepped in brown goo.

Mrs. Little sure loves when Mr. Little wears his plaid flannel shirt. 
She thinks it makes him look like a lumberjack.


Jillaire said...

You are making me laugh.
And I totally see the four of you there. Love it! Can't wait to see more of the Littles adventures.

Grandpa Bill said...

Wonderful! Junior would never step in brown goo in real life, right?

I like how you disguise your comments...my son in law might be a logger, but never a lumberjack. Those are people who say Or-a-gone and Will-a-METT. My son-in-law stirs his coffee with his thumb, like all loggers.

Sophie said...

so funny !

Cathy said...

I love this.

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