13 January 2014

tiny people

My tiny people arrived today. They're intended for model railroad scenery, but I'm going to use them for a photography project. These little guys are not cheap, and the pre-painted ones are even less so. I'm frugal and crafty, so I went the unpainted route. I'm excited to start customizing them. I need to stop by the hobby shop for some tiny paint brushes (and maybe a good hands-free magnifying glass??) before I can paint them, so for now I'm in character development.

Hubs, the kids, and I looked them over this evening and chose our minis. (Some of my photographs will be based on our family adventures.) My family members separately and unanimously identified this breezy gal as my mini right away:

. . . and I totally agree with them.

If you're in the market for tiny people, I was very impressed with the shop I used—PeopleScale. A handwritten thank you and dissolvable packing peanuts are two surefire ways of getting more business from me!