31 January 2014

winter? what winter?

Gloria wonders if it will ever snow again.

I feel like a pouting child when I say this, but this has been the saddest winter for me in a long time. In my little paradise, we typically get at least two good snowfalls (six inches or more) each winter. I love it! It's just enough to look pretty and get our money's worth out of our snow gear, but not so much that I start wishing for warmer weather. 

Two months ago, we got an inch or two of cold, dry powder. . . and that's it. Bah humbug.

There's still a chance it will snow in February, but I'm not optimistic. I look at photos of abundant snow in other parts of the country with envy. It's like this winter's weather pattern spun too many times on the living room floor, got dizzy, and couldn't figure out which way to go. Maybe I should move to Chicago? 

No, I love where I live. But a little part of me wonders, like Gloria, if we'll ever get decent snow again.