18 October 2014

praying mantis

I led this backyard visitor into a cardboard box for a short photo shoot. He wasn't very happy with me; he kept giving me the evil eye. How can a four-inch-long insect be so intimidating? I set him free and he stalked away into the grass.

04 October 2014

punchbowl falls

Punchbowl Falls, Eagle Creek, Oregon

I've done the Eagle Creek hike before, in spring, when the water was higher. The water was so high that I couldn't get to the spot I needed to photograph this waterfall the way I wanted. Last week, I had a spontaneous invitation to hike this trail again, and I jumped at the chance, knowing the water level would be low enough for me to venture out in the creek bed.

It was almost perfect. I definitely got the composition I was hoping for, but I hope to go back one more time later this month when the leaves have changed color and the sun is a little bit lower. Stay tuned.