16 February 2009

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Hello, and thank you for checking out my crafty blog! The following posts are collections of my handmade cards (and a few scrapbook pages). Some are new, some are old, and some are very old. Nearly every card I make is unique, but these samples can help spark ideas or give some direction if needed.

The products available for paper crafts these days are simply amazing--both in number and in variety. Browse through any scrapbook store and you'll see what I mean. These products + my creativity = some pretty great cards. Enjoy!


Grandpa Bill said...

What a terrific idea!! Great showcase, plus I get to see all your clever card ideas(tee hee!) I'd love to send the site to Jan(the one I teach with)and Anne Glenn, but only if it's ok with you.
I hope this idea brings you so many requests that you have to have your mom come and help with your cutie kids while you try to create! "You go girl!"

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