19 May 2009

Afternoon project

We have one shower in our little house, and it has a big window right in the middle of it. Now, I don't mind this (as a privacy issue), because the glass steams up in a matter of minutes anyway, but I still figured I should do something with that window. I finally saw this article and had my "aha!" moment. It's the perfect window treatment for my tiny, dark dungeon of a bathroom. I used one can of Krylon Frosted Glass Finish and made my own template (birds on branches) from an image I found online.

Before shot. See the neighbor's house right there? I bet they'll miss their lovely view.

Masking and taping...ugh. But very necessary because my slate tile is unforgiving.
And this glass frosting paint had a TON of overspray.

After painting; before removal of template and tape.

Finished product!
I had a tough time getting all my tape residue off the window, because I was afraid of scratching
the paint. Lots of Q-tips and Goo Gone. But it's done and I love it!


sarah said...

that's awesome! you're so smart and creative!

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