26 April 2009

Baby blanket quilt

My youngest is in that in-between stage--too big for baby blankets, and too small for twin-size blankets. I was contemplating finding a toddler- or throw-size blanket for him, while simultaneously cleaning out several baby blankets from his drawer. Then I realized, "Hey, we're not having any more kids, so why don't I just cut these baby blankets up and make a crib-sized quilt?" So I did.
I'm a very lazy quilter, so I just did basic squares. I avoided ironing as much as I could, but there's still a ton of ironing in the quilt-making process! I tied it instead of quilting...the best option for someone lazy like me. :) Also, the yarn is fun to play with when you're falling asleep, as I remember from my childhood quilts (one of which is still used on my couch daily!).
It's fun, and a nice way to keep our baby blankets a little longer. The kids love looking for the bear square. I'm very happy with the way it turned out!


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