25 September 2009

Carpé Clearance!

I found these foam hearts on clearance not too long ago. I tell you, I am drawn to those orange stickers like a moth to a flame! I knew they'd be perfect for something, so I snatched them up.

I finally decided what to do with them. We are seriously lacking in the Valentine's Day decorations around here, so I made a super easy heart banner.

To make your own, you need:
  • Large foam hearts; mine are about 6" across at the widest point (you can also use other shapes, for other holidays)
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon that will easily fit through the punched hole
  1. Let your daughter steal one heart to decorate as she desires. The rest of the project goes more smoothly that way. :)
  2. If you have multi-colored hearts like these, arrange them in a color pattern that is pleasing to your eye. Or arrange them randomly, if you prefer.
  3. Punch holes (I used a standard hole punch) in each side of each heart. Make sure you do this about 1/2" or so from the edge, so the hole doesn't tear.
  4. Measure and cut an appropriate length of ribbon. The length will depend on your hole spacing, how far apart you want your hearts, and whether you will be tying the ribbon in a knot or a bow.
  5. When you are sure of your ribbon length, cut several of the same size. (Assembly-line production is much easier in a project like this!)
  6. Thread the ribbon through the left hole of one heart and the right hole of another heart; tie securely. Repeat for the rest of the hearts.
  7. Tie an extra length of ribbon through each end heart, so you have an easy way to hang your banner.

Hang and enjoy! Or, pack it away in your Valentine's box, like I did. :)


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