24 September 2009

Yarn Scraps

So here's my take on the 3D Knitter's Gift Tag from Friday's post. I made mine into a small top-fold square card. I'm not yet sure if its destiny will be as a card or a gift tag, but it sure is cute.

Some mods from the original--my cardboard piece was 2" x 1/2", because I thought 3/4" made mine look like an egg. I also used hot glue because I just don't have time to wait for white/craft glue to dry and then hope it sticks. (I could write a whole blog post on my craft adhesive preferences.) Oh, and I only had flat toothpicks, but they still turned out OK. :)
Another project I've been waiting to do with some scrap yarn is a little Barbie scarf. My daughter was just tickled when I gave this to her. It's just garter stitch--3 stitches by 32 rows. It may have taken 20 minutes, but probably not that long. Too fun.
Oh, and Barbie? Best photo model--EVER. She sits still for as long as you want her to, and doesn't mind if you adjust her poses minutely (and repeatedly).


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