08 September 2009

Waterproof picnic blanket in action

Here are some poor-quality cell phone photos of that wonderful oilcloth picnic blanket being put to good use. Hubs and I attended an outdoor concert over Labor Day weekend (Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge Amphitheater). As I mentioned previously, this was the reason I made the waterproof blanket. You just never know when it will rain in the Northwest! And sure enough, it rained for the first part of the concert, and it rained hard.

But thanks to the oilcloth blanket and a big umbrella, we stayed totally dry--even sitting on the ground! We put the blanket on the ground, oilcloth side down. On this, we placed our stadium-style low chairs. We sat on those as quickly as we could and put the umbrella over us. Then we wrapped the oilcloth blanket around us on all sides to keep out water from outside the perimeter of the umbrella.

It worked like a charm! We stayed nice and dry. When the sun came out after the first opening band, I had Hubs take a photo from the other side:

I highly recommend an oilcloth blanket for your next outing with potential for precipitation. I also recommend seeing DMB in the Gorge if you're a fan. The sound was amazing!


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