04 September 2009

We're having FUN for lunch!

It's shocking how easy it can be to make lunch fun for young children. My 2yr old son had an orange lunch today: orange cheddar triangles, Goldfish crackers, peaches, and orangey-red tomatoes. By standing the cheese triangles up on their ends, they turned into cheese "mountains" and "towers." The only thing he didn't finish was the crackers, which is just fine by me!

Try a theme lunch with your kids--all one color, rainbow colors, everything starts with the same letter, everything comes from the same country/state, shapes, etc. Cheese is super easy to cut into different shapes. You can even use cookie cutters--I do heart-shaped cheeses for the Valentine parties at school, and they're always a hit.

Check back next week for another fun lunch idea--Rice Cake Faces!