07 October 2009

Halloween Challenge: Dog Costume (Part 2--the Hat)

To follow my challenge from the beginning, start here.

So I've decided the easiest way for my toddler to wear dog ears is to attach them to a hat. I scanned the internet for hat suggestions, put a few of those together, practiced with some scrap fleece, and came up with a plan.

First, I measured carefully and cut the exact amount from my Minkee as needed. I'm trying to make the whole costume out of this tiny little fat quarter, so I can't afford to waste anything.

My fabric is 9"x20"--9" is the length of the hat; 20" is the circumference of my son's head. I took that length and folded it four times to make one stack of fabric measuring 9"x5". I measured down four inches from the top, and tapered that section on each side by cutting curved diagonals from the center of the top to the 4" mark on the sides.When I unfolded it, it looked like this. (It's a good thing, because that was my intention.) :)Then I sewed each "tapered point" side to the next, joining them all together to make one round dome on top. The last "tapered point" side I came to would join the ends of my fabric together, so I sewed that side from the bottom of the hat all the way up to the crown. It looked like this when I finished:To make it more comfortable, I zig zagged the seams down. Hopefully this will also keep the Minkee fur from shedding so much. Oh Minkee, how I dislike thy brown fluff all over my floor.Then I folded up a simple 1/2" hem around the bottom/opening of the hat and zig zagged that, too--this time for stretchiness. Here it is in action:Notes:
  • It obviously still needs ears. That's my next step.
  • J has a little room left in it, so I'm considering lining the hat with my fleece practice hat and sewing it at the hem to make it warmer.
  • I didn't have matching brown thread, so I used light brown. But the fur of the Minkee hid my stitches very nicely. I can see the zig zag lines, but not the thread color. It was a surprise bonus.


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