07 October 2009

Halloween Challenge: Dog Costume

My daughter is planning to dress as a black cat this Halloween. Since her brother is only two, I knew he wouldn't have much of an opinion about his costume, so I thought it would be fun to coordinate their costumes. I let him choose between a mouse and a dog. He chose dog, and I set off to whip up a costume.

My favorite craft store has a relatively large fabric department, so I looked there for some fabric I could use to make ears, a tail, and maybe some paws. I found these "Minkee" fat quarters that look like fur and I thought, Oh yes. I can do this. 18x30...$3.75....I'll make it work.
So here is my challenge: I will make a dog costume, except for the brown pants (which I have) and the brown shirt (which I'll find), out of one fat quarter. I'll be posting my progress as I go, so check back often. *Click here for the next step.


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