29 October 2009

Mini Taco Salad

Here I am with another miniature version of dinner. My kids love minis, and they're fun! This time I made miniature taco salad shells (or bowls; H and I couldn't decide which term was a better fit). Note: only make as many as you need for the meal. They end up unpleasantly chewy the next day.

I started with warmed corn tortillas, so they'd be more flexible. See my method here. I let them cool slightly, then pushed them down into muffin tins. I used a jumbo muffin tin, but the regular size would work, too.Then I popped them into a 375° oven for 10 minutes. They came out crispy on top, but still soft on the bottom. I waited a few minutes for the bottoms to crisp up, but they didn't.
So I flipped the shells over in the muffin tin, and put them back in the oven for 3 minutes or so.
The next step would be to fill as desired, of course. We filled ours with romaine lettuce, seasoned kidney beans (which really should have been black beans. At any rate, they were seasoned with lime juice, salt, cumin, and chili powder, and stirred all around in my still-warm skillet.), grated cheddar cheese, plain yogurt (which we use instead of sour cream), salsa, and avocado.


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