01 December 2009

Jell-O + Soda Pop + Science = Fun!

My parents came to visit last week and brought a fun treat for the kids. This was actually an idea I got from a friend, who suggested a kid version after a night of Lava Lamps (something like this). It couldn't be easier, and it got rave reviews from my kids, my parents, and myself.
  • Make your favorite flavor of gelatin (Jell-O, or homemade with Knox and fruit juice), in the thicker "Jiggler" recipe.
  • Once set, cut into small shapes with a knife or small cookie cutters/aspic cutters. Shapes are fun, but easy squares with a knife are perfectly fine for this, as they'll look like ice cubes.
  • Give your kids several gelatin shapes and a cup of your favorite clear carbonated drink. We used 7Up.
  • Plop the gelatin pieces in the drink.
Observe which ones float, which sink. Some will initially sink, but then rise as they are surrounded by bubbles. Great teaching opportunity, plus it's fun and tasty, too. :)


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