23 December 2009

recycled wrapping

As I said in my last post, my goal was to avoid buying any new wrapping materials this year. So I saved a few mesh produce bags...
(please don't laugh at my bow)
...and the bags that held my garlic planting bulbs. They were just the right size to hold tissue-wrapped gift cards. (Also shown are a few bulbs from my garden this year. I love growing garlic!)
I also knitted a bunch of these vintage-look dishtowels...
...and used them to wrap gifts, as well.
It's probably too late for you to implement these this year, but they can be used any time of year for any kind of gift. I love that the dishtowels are a gift in themselves.

Also to add to the "gift idea" list are these teacher gifts made by Courtney from two straight lines. Fabulous idea!!


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