21 December 2009

recycled post

I saw this over on Giver's Log today, and figured some of you could use a few crafty ideas to wrap those gift cards that are still sitting on your counter. I love that at least two, and up to all five, can be made from recycled materials you probably have around the house.

Check back later this week for my own recycled wrapping. I didn't buy any new wrapping materials this year. I used up paper rolls from holidays past and wrapped several gifts with non-traditional materials.

I'm hoping to have that posted tomorrow at the usual time, but please forgive me if my posts these next two weeks are a bit sporadic. H is out of school, we're preparing for guests, and finishing a few last-minute gift projects. Oh...and I still need to do my baking. Hmm. It's going to be a busy week.


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