18 December 2009

teacher holiday card

I struggled this year with what to give to H's kindergarten teacher. We all love her teacher so, and wanted that love to be reflected in the gift we gave. So I did some searching online and kept finding comments from teachers saying that they truly appreciate any gift, but simple thank you notes from kids and parents are the ones they most remember--and often keep.

So we did contribute a few dollars to a group gift certificate for her favorite coffee shop, but I put most of my effort into some thoughtful words for her card. The card itself turned out pretty cute, so I wanted to share it with you. H helped me with the decorative-edge scissors to make the tree, and I hung the tiny tag. Love that. I also popped the tree forward with a little foam tape to give it some dimension.

We gave it to Mrs. T this morning. I'll update this post if she has any noteworthy comments after school. :)


Anonymous said...

Having been an elementary school teacher, I would say that cards with heart felt notes are one of the best things to receive! Cute card!

Marisa@make*happy said...

Thanks, Elizabeth! Good to know. :)

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